Thursday, June 7, 2007


A foreign tourist was pleading with this child to teach him how to do it. The child gladly obliged. A quick run, a forward drop and a quick hop on the board, and you are off to a few meters of a ride. Or slide. I was later told this is called skimboarding. Clearly not very easy to learn, something the foreign tourist probably know by now. Just another scene at Dumulan Beach Resort in Panglao, Bohol.


jun auza said...

I came across your site via technorati as I was searching for any Boholano bloggers. I also found out that there were very few.
I’m a new blogger and also a proud Boholano as I promote Bohol thru my website/blogsite. I hope you will visit my site from time to time as I will check out yours also.

jordan said...

ei ei... finally, a blog that caters to all boholanos!

im looking for this for a long time!

Gibo said...

thanks jordan. you have a very interesting blog yourself. care to join us here? we really hope that this blog will turn out to be an interesting read to boholanos all over the world.

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