Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bol-anon relaunched

Today is a new beginning for this blog. As original author, I have invited fellow Bol-anons to join me here and co-author/co-maintain In particular, I invited Miko (a.ka. Michael Canares) and Fiel (a.ka. Fiel Angeli Araoarao Gabin) to help transform this blog into a community blog.

Miko of course is our super-achiever friend all the way from college (Divine Word College of Tagbilaran now know as the Holy Name University) who is now taking masteral studies at the London School of Economics lang naman. He keeps a personal blog called Miko's World at Friendster.

Fiel, on the other hand, is our number one "updater" on social and other events in Tagbilaran City and Bohol. It is understandble because she judges beauty pageants and emcees programs one after another there. I understand she works for the City Government of Tagbilaran, among many others. She keeps a personal blog, My Blog, also at Friendster.

Incidentally, both Miko and Fiel are ex-Word staffers at DWCT/HNU, just like me. The Word is the official student publication of the school. Anyways, a warm welcome to both Miko and Fiel. How's London? How's Tagbilaran?

Photo above is a photo of the Boholano version of the tricyle plying the streets of Tagbilaran City. Wala lang, wa lang koy laing pic nga pwede ibutang dire. :)


Bohol Republic said...

This is good news for Boholano netizens, another Boholano blog. Kudos! Let's exchange links, shall we?

Gibo said...

sure. you are already included in our blog roll. thanks for the nice words.