Friday, May 9, 2008

Welcome to Bohol by Mang Medik

On my posts about the white beaches in Candabong, Anda, Bohol, someone commented (I think it was Amadeo) that we should not only be writing about the sights and wonders of Bohol, we should also write about its people, the Bol-anons.

I could not agree more. Despite some bad incidents that you read in the newspapers once in a while, I truly believe that we, the people in and from the province. are really great friendly people. I'm sure that many people who have visited the province can attest to this.

I got all the more convinced of this when I decided to scour YouTube for videos about Bohol and by Bol-anons. I loved what I saw, especially the videos on the famous Loboc Children's Choir which I have yet to see live. Really makes you proud to be Bol-anon.

But I was struck by one video posted by Manuel Viloria of Where else do you get such warm welcome like this one by Mang Medik at one of the floating restaurants at the Loboc River in Loboc, Bohol. A familiar song but even us Bol-anons feel the warmth every time it is sang.

Mang Medik's welcome goes:

"Welcome to Bohol, this is the land of Chocolate Hills, this is the land of the golden sun, this is the home of a noble man. We wish (wesh) you a happy coming to our beloved Philippines. This is Bohol, our pride Bohol, welcome visitors (besetors). This is Bohol, Loboc Bohol, welcome to visitors."

Watch Mang Medik by at YouTube here. I have also added a video bar to my sidebar, so that you can easily get to watch all those videos on Bohol at YouTube. Hope you'll enjoy them. Happy viewing.


Gibo said...

Watch out for my top ten YouTube videos on Bohol. :)

Travel Indonesia said...

:) i already watch it...
you have unique article here, im waiting new article

Crisly Grace said...

i like the beach of anda

Crisly Grace said...

nice kaayo ang anda

Jerry Sisican said...

Laziness did me in. I did watched this video sometime ago and wanted to create a post in my blog. Never mind, you've done a better one. I will just link this to my Bohol blog. Padajon, Sano!